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Nano+™ Polymer-free Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System

Nano+™ Polymer-free Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System

Nothing Beats Free

Product Description

  • Nanoporous cavities on strut abluminal surface functioning as drug carrier to ensure the firm adhesion.
  • Vacuum drug coating technology ensures complete drug dosage and coating stability.
  • Post-treatment after drug loading helps with sustained drug release.

Polymer-free Stent

  • Soft tapered tip provides smooth transition from guidewire to balloon catheter and excellent crossability.
  • Short shoulder design at both ends of the balloon ensures the accurate dilation to the lesion, and reduces the damage to normal vessel next to the lesion.
  • Patented hydrophilic coating on distal shaft provides outstanding pushability.


  • Polymer-free design significantly reduces the inflammatory response after stent implantation to guarantee the long-term safety.
  • Polymer-free design facilitates earlier endothelialization which significantly shorten the DAPT time.
  • The rough strut surface helps with earlier and easier endothelialization to reduce the risk of thrombosis.

DES Efficacy [1]

Polymer Free Stent

BMS Safety [2]

Polymer Free Stent

Nano+™ OCT Study

An OCT Study in Europe Shows Nano+™ A Great Combination of DES Efficacy and BMS Safety

Polymer Free Drug Eluting Stents

Prouduct Features

  • Polymer-free DES
  • Nanoporous drug carrier on abluminal surface
  • Balanced strut thickness
  • High radial force
  • Sine wave + 3-3-3 link
  • Double helix structure
  • Large open cell
  • Precise positioning markers
  • Effective drug of Sirolimus
  • Vacuum drug coating technology
  • 90-day drug releasing period
  • New delivery system

Prouduct Benefits

  • Significantly shorten DAPT time
  • Earlier & better endothelialization
  • Highly reduced risk of thrombosis
  • Great deliverability
  • Easy positioning and placement
  • Optimal tissue scaffolding
  • Excellent side branch access
  • Scientific drug releasing period

Prouduct Ranges

  • Ø 2.5 – 4.0 mm
  • 12 – 36 mm multi stent lengths

An OCT Study in Europe Shows Nano+™ A Great Combination of DES Efficacy and BMS Safety [3]. 

In a prospective, multicentre, single-arm, open-label study, OCT examinations  were performed at three months in 45 patients (47 lesions). 23 patients with 24 lesions had serial coronary angiography and OCT assessment at three and six months.

OCT Analyses

OCT Analyses

Coverage Status Of The Individual Stents/Patients At Two Time Points (Three And Six Months)

Coverage status of the individual stents/patients at two time points (three and six months).

Serial OCT showed almost complete vascular healing at six months, even when coverage was insufficient at three months. This suggests an adequate safety and efficacy profile of the device at that point in time.

Technical Parameters
Stent Material 316L Stainless Steel
Strut Design Nanoporous drug carrier on abluminal   surface
Metal to Artery Ratio 15%
Recoil < 2%
Shortening < 1%
Crossing Profile 0.035″(0.90mm)
Stent   Diameter Stent Length (mm)
(mm) 12 15 18 21 24 29 33 36
2.5 LPRPS2512 LPRPS2515 LPRPS2518 LPRPS2521 LPRPS2524 LPRPS2529 LPRPS2533
2.75 LPRPS2712 LPRPS2715 LPRPS2718 LPRPS2721 LPRPS2724 LPRPS2729 LPRPS2733 LPRPS2736
3 LPRPS3012 LPRPS3015 LPRPS3018 LPRPS3021 LPRPS3024 LPRPS3029 LPRPS3033 LPRPS3036
3.5 LPRPS3512 LPRPS3515 LPRPS3518 LPRPS3521 LPRPS3524 LPRPS3529 LPRPS3533 LPRPS3536
4 LPRPS4012 LPRPS4015 LPRPS4018 LPRPS4021 LPRPS4024 LPRPS4029 LPRPS4033 LPRPS4036
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