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Angioway™ Y-Hemostasis Valve Set

Angioway™ Y-Hemostasis Valve Set


  • Effectively minimize blood loss and provide a smooth channel for interventional device delivery.
  • Easy push-pull mechanism allows to operate with one hand.

Whole set package includes: 

  • Y-valve (1) 
  • Guide Wire Torquer (1)
  •  Guide Wire Introducer (1)
Technical Parameters
Connector Type Push-Pull / Rotating
Inner Diameter 0.118″ (3.0mm)
Body Material Polycarbonate
Extension Tubing Optional
Sterilization ETO
Catalogue No. Connector Type Package Type Length of the Extension Tubing (cm)
YNP Push-Pull Whole set /
YNP20 Push-Pull Whole set 20
YNP25 Push-Pull Whole set 25
YNP40 Push-Pull Whole set 40
YNP50 Push-Pull Whole set 50
YNPH Push-Pull Y-valve only /
YNP20H Push-Pull Y-valve only 20
YNP25H Push-Pull Y-valve only 25
YNP40H Push-Pull Y-valve only 40
YNP50H Push-Pull Y-valve only 50
YNR Rotating Whole set /
YNRH Rotating Y-valve only /
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